Alexander Qian, B.Sc.


Ph.D. Candidate


Alex is a Ph.D. candidate in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program. He completed his Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Western University in 2014, specializing in Biochemistry and Immunology. After taking a year off to work, he decided to return to scientific research and joined the Trigatti lab as a Master’s student in 2015. Following two years of research, he transferred to the Ph.D. program in Medical Sciences in 2017.

Outside of studies, Alex enjoys spending time playing and collecting board games with friends. He also spends his spare weekends hiking, travelling to new places, and trying new foods around the city.

Research Focus:

Alex’s research project studies the intricacies of macrophage cell death, specifically proteins in the Bcl-2 family that initiate programmed cell death, on the progression and development of atherosclerosis. One aspect of his project seeks to determine how high-density lipoprotein protects macrophages against programmed cell death and the effects on Bcl-2 family proteins.